How To Move From Brooklyn To Manhattan When Your Hipster Friends Won't Pitch In

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How To Move From Brooklyn To Manhattan When Your Hipster Friends Won't Pitch In

18 May 2017
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Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan can be a big deal. In some hipster circles, it's considered a big taboo to buy into Manhattan real estate, or to abandon the confines of Williamsburg or Park Slope for the haughty confines of Manhattan. So, don't be surprised when your hipster friends all have something better to do when it comes time to help you move, be it riding around Greenpoint in a cavalcade or vintage bicycles.

But don't worry, you can handle it on your own by following the tips below.

Hire Some Extra Hands

It's Brooklyn, and people are out there looking to work. You only have to look on Craigslist to see people offering their services as labors. You might want to get some references so that you don't end up with people who are not capable or reliable. There are even professional moving companies who can supply labors. You might not think that you need the white glove service, but you will need people to help you move your furniture. You don't want to try carrying a couch down a flight of stairs on your own (that's a recipe for disaster). So, make sure to bring in some hired hands to help you do the heavy lifting.

Rent A Moving Truck

You need to get your stuff across the bridge and into Manhattan. The only way to do this is to have a large vehicle. It's actually better that your friends opted out and you don't have to try and fit everything into the back of, or strapped to the roof of a caravan of sedans and hatchbacks. Just make your life easier and contact a moving company and have them line up a nice big box truck rental. This will make everything much easier. You just have to have the truck parked outside your Brooklyn apartment, and with the help of your hired labors, you bring the furniture down.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you will need someone to sit in the moving truck while in Manhattan. In many areas you can't just double park and leave the car, it will get ticketed or towed away. And good luck finding a parking space. So, you should make sure you hire labors that will come over into Manhattan with you. One of them should have a license so that if the police come around and make them move, they can circle the block. Of course, you might prefer to do the driving yourself, in which case you can sit in the truck and let the movers do the entirety of the moving once you get to your new apartment.

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