4 Tips To Ensure You Get The Most From Your Self Storage Unit

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4 Tips To Ensure You Get The Most From Your Self Storage Unit

19 May 2017
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A self storage unit is a great way to house your precious belongings when relocating to a new area or moving from one home to another. Yet those who do not plan their self storage selection wisely often end up with unforeseen headaches. If you would like to learn more about how to select the best storage unit for your needs, read on. This article will outline four key tips for getting the most from your self storage experience.

Prioritize Location

Self storage facilities have proliferated rapidly in recent years. This is undeniably a good thing, since it increases the level of competition and thus ensures that prices remain reasonable. Yet it also tricks many people into thinking that the lowest priced unit is always the best--even if it's located all the way across town from where you'll be living. Having to commute a long distance each time you need to retrieve an item from your storage unit will quickly grow old. Paying a few dollars more a month for a better location will be well worth it in the long run.

Consider Climate Control

Self storage units can be broken down into two main categories: those that are climate controlled, and those that are not. A unit with no climate control will generally be less expensive than a similarly sized unit that offers this feature. Yet climate control is a feature that may be worth the extra cost, depending on the nature of the items that you plan to store. If you will be storing objects that could become warped or damaged by extreme heat or cold, opting for a climate controlled unit should be a no brainer.

Insure Your Belongings

Self storage units are, for the most part, fairly safe and secure. Yet that doesn't mean that they are completely free from the risk of fire, flooding, or other potential catastrophes. To protect yourself, it is therefore highly advisable that you insure any belongings you will be storing. The good news is that homeowner's and renter's insurance policies often extend to cover storage units. Be sure to investigate whether your existing insurance policies will cover your belongings; if not, be sure to pay a little extra to get insurance through the self storage facility.

Label Your Boxes

Digging through a pile of cardboard boxes in search of a single item will quickly try your patience in an already cramped storage unit. Therefore, though it may seem obvious, it deserves to be stated once again: be sure to thoroughly and legibly label your boxes before stowing them away in your storage unit.

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