3 Ways To Eliminate Cargo Theft

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3 Ways To Eliminate Cargo Theft

1 July 2017
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The trucking industry plays a critical role in delivering goods from manufacturers to retail outlets. With valuable products being shipped in trucks each day, these loads are often targeted by thieves looking to steal expensive inventory. Finding simple ways to prevent cargo theft is important when it comes to ensuring the safety of your deliveries and reducing the overall cost of shipping products on a daily basis.

Here are three ways that you can help to eliminate cargo theft in the future.

1. Boost security during holidays.

Holidays often provide thieves with the unique opportunity to target trucks that are left unattended. Since many retail locations are closed on holidays, a cargo delivery may have to sit for several days until it is received.

This waiting period makes the truck vulnerable to attack, so you should plan to boost security during holidays. Have drivers pay close attention to their loads, and avoid shipping over holiday weekends whenever possible to reduce the amount of product lost to cargo theft during these high-crime time periods.

2. Use reliable locks.

While it may sound simple, doing something as easy as adding reliable locks to the doors of your trucks can help you eliminate cargo theft. When targeting a truck, thieves are looking for vehicles that can easily be breached.

By adding a kingpin or gladhand lock to the cargo doors of your truck, you make it more difficult for a thief to enter the truck without drawing unwanted attention. The presence of a reliable lock could be enough to deter criminal activity and keep your loads safe from cargo theft in the future.

3. Plan trips with safety in mind.

When you need to deliver a load over a great distance, your driver will likely need to spend the night in his or her vehicle. Thieves can target trucks during nighttime hours, so it's important that you engage in trip planning prior to shipping out your products if you want to prevent cargo theft.

Look at a map to determine where stops will need to be made when delivering a load. Locate secure lots that are well-lit and have a security guard on patrol in the cities where your driver will need to stop. Utilizing these lots will allow your driver to sleep peacefully without being targeted by thieves.

Finding simple ways to eliminate cargo theft can be an effective way to reduce your shipping costs and prevent product loss in the future. Try boosting security during holidays, adding locks to cargo doors, and finding secure lots for drivers to sleep in as you work to reduce cargo theft. Visit a site like http://intellexsecurity.com/ for more help.