Accurate Records For Maximum Protection - Advantages Of Ink Fingerprinting

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Accurate Records For Maximum Protection - Advantages Of Ink Fingerprinting

14 July 2017
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With so much of the world becoming increasingly digitized, it's no wonder that fingerprinting would be heading down the same path. There's excessive demand for interconnectedness and rapid response, but with that comes a dismissal of older methods that may be more accurate or more thorough. At times, it's important to consider the advantages of looking to the past.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the positives of pursuing ink fingerprinting. Keeping these plusses in mind can help keep your options open and help guarantee that you're not attempting to force yourself into progress for its own sake. Instead, you can carefully consider your needs and move forward with full information:

Decreased Costs

As a practical consideration, ink fingerprinting is far easier on your bottom line. Since it requires very little specialized technology, you should be able to have fingerprinting done on site. This can help avoid interruptions to anyone's day, maximizing productivity for an additional positive economic effect.

Digital fingerprints are recorded by highly specialized machines which may be difficult to maintain. The machines themselves also have a tremendous upfront cost, to say nothing of storing and securing all of the data. Tried and true ink fingerprint cards can't be hacked and can be protected by lock and key.

Information Security

As mentioned above, the cost of securing the data in digital fingerprints can run high, but the cost that comes with that security being breached can be nearly incalculable. If a hacker gains access to your fingerprint records, it can be a real struggle to make sure they aren't being utilized for nefarious purposes.

Ink fingerprint cards are generally collected in duplicate but then never transferred or taken out of the control of the fingerprinting agency. This can help guarantee that your data is completely secured, as there's far less risk of it being incorrectly accessed when a digital copy never exists.

Easier Dissemination

If you have a copy of your ink fingerprint card, you'll be able to use it in many cases when you need to complete a background check. You'll be free to present that card to anyone who deems it necessary, saving you the work and stress of having to have your prints redone. Since there are such strong information security concerns, there are heavy restrictions on the transmission of fingerprint data electronically. This means that your attempts to centralize your information might not work out, and can leave you needing to repeat the process.

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