5 Reasons To Install A Walk-In Bathtub In Your Bathroom

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5 Reasons To Install A Walk-In Bathtub In Your Bathroom

26 November 2017
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Many homes have standard shower/ tub combinations, and while this set up can work for many, it is not the best option for all. If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, you may want to consider replacing your old shower/tub combo with a walk-in bathtub. There are several reasons to choose a walk-in bathtub over a standard shower/tub, such as:

1. Ease of Access

Stepping in and out of a standard shower/tub combination can be difficult after a long day of work when your lower body is aching. It can also be very difficult to access when a person is injured or disabled. In addition, getting in and out of a standard shower/tub can be very difficult for toddlers and young children. When you install a walk-in bathtub, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone living in your home can easily access the tub and shower without added difficulty.

2. Increased Safety

Walk-in bathtubs are designed with the safety of the user in mind. They are made to ensure that senior citizens, children, and anyone who is disabled or injured can use the bathtub to bathe without the added risk of falling while getting out. Many wide walk-in bathtubs are equipped with safety bars to assist the user when stepping in or out. A lot of models also have built-in benches that a person can use to increase safety during bathing and prevent falls.

3. Wheelchair Accessibility

When a person must use a wheelchair, a traditional shower/tub just doesn't work well. If you or a member of your household is in a wheelchair, installing a wide walk-in bathtub can make life much easier. Having a wide walk-in bathtub makes it possible for a person in a wheelchair to access the tub and shower without difficulty.

4. Independence

Having difficulty entering a standard shower/tub can cause a number of issues for people with injuries, mobility issues, or disabilities. Adults want to maintain a sense of independence and pride, and most people want the option of being able to bathe themselves without assistance from loved ones or caretakers. Installing a walk-in bathtub will ensure that anyone in your home who can't easily step into a standard shower/tub will be able to remain independent when it comes to hygiene and bathing.

5. Affordability

A lot of people are not very familiar with walk-in bathtubs, so they assume that they are probably very expensive. In reality, there are many affordable models of walk-in bathtubs. If you're remodeling your bathroom and a walk-in bathtub may be something that you or a family member needs, take the time to look at the prices before counting one out.