Rap Rapport: How To Become A Hip Hop Jeweler

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Rap Rapport: How To Become A Hip Hop Jeweler

26 March 2018
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Being the favored jewelry provider of a particular population will mean starting from the ground up, but it will also give you a clear path to becoming successful. If you are a jewelry maker like those at Au Enterprises, you can become a cornerstone of a particular community. The hip-hop community is one that has a large jewelry following. Many rappers, producers, and their entourage often brag about the jewelry that they own. Those who can afford it prefer to purchase their own custom jewelry rather than buying pieces directly from a store. If you want to become a hip-hop jeweler, here are some things that you should know. 

You will need to learn to pick pave diamonds.

If you are making custom chains, chances are they will be pave diamond chains. This means that you will need to learn to select pave diamonds to make up a chain. The cut of the diamonds, as well as the color of the diamonds, will be of the utmost importance. The chain requests may be of figures such as cartoon characters, animals, and symbols. The color of the diamonds and having diamonds that are the same cut, color, and clarity will make the chain look cohesive. Learn to work with pave diamonds in order to master the art of chain making. 

Be able to suggest the best materials.

Some people who come to you will be making a large jewelry investment for the first time. They will need your guidance and may ask that you make a lot of the decisions when it comes to their new jewelry pieces. Others may come to you with a very specific list that doesn't match up with what you best know about jewelry. Be willing and able to counsel your customer about their likes and dislikes and what they want in a custom jewelry piece. For instance, you may note that a white gold chain is the best setting for a standout piece, rather than yellow gold. Sit down and come up with a drawing and a material plan for the jewelry. 

Have an overall idea of prices.

When rappers are ordering custom jewelry, they may have a budget but not know how much each piece of the jewelry costs separately. Those who are purchasing matching rings for their entourage may just want an overall cost on the manufacturing of the custom rings. Get to know your craft so that you can provide some baseline prices based on your customer requests.