How To Keep A Storage Unit Clean

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How To Keep A Storage Unit Clean

30 September 2018
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When you rent a storage unit from a self storage facility, you want to make sure that you keep it clean. Keeping your storage unit clean will help ensure that you don't get pests inside that compromise the integrity of your items. There are multiple ways that you can take care of your storage unit and ensure that it remains a pest-free place.

#1 Clean It Out Before Moving in Items

Before you move your belongings into your storage unit, clean it out. Sweep the floor, then use a mop to clean the ceiling, walls, and floor of the unit. Although everything should already be clean, a little extra cleaning is worth it.

#2 Clean items Before Putting Them in Storage

Next, before you put any item into storage, make sure that it is clean. If you are storing clothing, wash your clothes and dry them effectively before boxing them up. If you are storing furniture, vacuum all the cushions, clean out all the drawers, and wipe down any hard surfaces to ensure that they care clean. If you are storing outdoor equipment, get out that hose and clean them up before you put them in storage.

Cleaning everything ensures that you don't transfer any food particles or dirt into your storage unit that could attract pests.

#3 Be Careful What You Put in Storage

Keep in mind that everything in your home cannot go into your storage unit. For example, do not put food into your storage unit. Any type of food that you can put in risks attracting pests.

Also, keep cleaning products and car products, such as oil, out of your storage unit. These things could spill and create a mess in your storage unit.

#3 Elevate Items with Pallets & Shelving

Elevate all of your belongings. Put pallets on the floor and put your belongings on top of the pallets. Concrete floors can conduct moisture, and most storage units have concrete floors. A layer of pallets protects your belongings from the moisture it could encounter from the floor.

You can also use shelving in your store unit. Wire shelving is great for a storage unit. It is easy to set-up and can help provide some organization to your storage unit.

#4 Air Out & Clean on a Seasonal Basis

Finally, if you are keeping items in storage for a long term basis, you are going to want to clean and air out your storage unit on a seasonal basis. Open up the unit, sweep and dust, and allow some air to circulate.

Clean out your storage unit before you move your belongings in. Be careful about what you put inside, and avoid storing food and liquid items. Clean everything before you put it into storage. Clean out and air out your storage unit on a seasonal basis.