Looking For Work As A General Laborer? 3 Steps To Help You Get Your Foot In The Door

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Looking For Work As A General Laborer? 3 Steps To Help You Get Your Foot In The Door

26 April 2019
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If you're looking for work as a general laborer, but not having any luck, don't get discouraged. There are ways to find work, even if you don't have a network in place. Here are just a few tips that will help you get your foot in the door for a general labor job.

Get Yourself Recognized

If you need to find general labor work, the first thing you need to do is get yourself recognized. You can't find work when you don't stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately, when it comes to find work as a general laborer, that's exactly what you're up against – a crowd. Here are three strategies you can use to get yourself the recognition you need to secure a job.


If you haven't printed out flyers, you need to do that right away. Flyers are relatively inexpensive, easy to make, and easy to distribute. Design a flyer that provides instant recognition of who you are and what services you can provide. Keep flyers in your car so that you can hand them out at local home improvement shows as well as posting them on bulletin boards.


If you don't have an online advertisement for your job search, you're missing out on a great opportunity to find work as a general laborer. Many contractors conduct online searches of local classified ads when looking for laborers.

Business Cards

If you're serious about gaining employment as a general laborer, you need to get some business cards printed up. Business cards are easy to carry in your pocket or wallet, and can be handed out to people who are in need of a general laborer. One of the benefits of business cards is that they can be used to generate repeat employment opportunities.

Register With a Temp Agency

If there is a temporary employment agency in your community, be sure to register with them. Temp agencies keep in contact with contractors in the area. When general laborers are needed, many contractors work with temp agencies to fill their positions.

Make Cold Stops to Construction Sites

If you haven't started making cold stops to construction sites, now's the time to start doing that. Cold stops allow you to make contact with contractors and site foremen – the people who do the hiring. When you stop by, be sure to bring several business cards. It's also important that you make your stops during lunch breaks. That way, you don't interfere with the deadlines and work schedules.