Promotional Custom CONDOMS? Why This Needs Some Verification Before You Buy

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Promotional Custom CONDOMS? Why This Needs Some Verification Before You Buy

30 June 2019
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There are all kinds of bizarre products out there, especially in the world of sexual aids and protection. That is why when you hear about something like "promotional custom condoms," you might be wondering just what that is. It is not as kinky as you think; no one is asking you to use condoms that have ads printed on them while you have sex with your partner. It is something less weird than all that. Here is the clarification you need on this product that you really need to know before you get excited about buying them. 

The Custom Printing and Advertising Is on the Wrapper

The promotional/advertising is printed on each condom wrapper, not on the condom itself. This is not a "pay to advertise on customer's genitals" sort of program. Oh, no, no, no! The advertising is only on the wrappers. The condoms inside the wrappers are completely normal, completely usable condoms. (There would be almost no possible way to print advertising on a lubricated condom anyway!) With that cleared up, you are probably wondering why anyone would want this type of promotional product. 

Why Consumers Would Want Their Advertising on Printed Condom Wrappers

Actually, there are a number of businesses where this kind of promotional item works really well. For example, clinics that provide sexual health exams and birth control would and could print their clinic info on condom wrappers, and then hand out the condoms to patients visiting the clinics. Guest speakers doing sex talks and talks on healthy relationships could use them as promotional items as well. In places where there is a high amount of sex workers (such as a "bunny ranch" down south), these "ranches" can advertise on condom wrappers and give their customers a "goody bag" filled with this type of promotional product. 

Other Companies Can Use Them Too

Some non-sex-related, non-relationship-related companies could use this product as well, especially if they can find a comical way to promote it using their business's name and products. If you want to use custom-printed condoms, but you are not sure how it would fit with your own company, ask the company that prints on the wrappers of these items. They may have a graphic arts department that can come up with some ideas that could make this promotional product fit with your company/business. Then you could order as many as you wanted, along with a unique way to display and dispense them. 

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