How Your Startup Can Use Corporate Leadership Training Programs To Fill Managerial Roles From In-House Promotions

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How Your Startup Can Use Corporate Leadership Training Programs To Fill Managerial Roles From In-House Promotions

30 July 2020
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For most businesses, including startups, it's best to promote in-house employees into managerial positions. They're more familiar with company culture and work processes, which allows them to quickly become effective in a managerial role. However, employees at a startup may not have the necessary leadership skills to be excellent managers. Thankfully, startups can solve this problem by using corporate leadership training programs. If it's time for your startup to add to its managerial staff, read on to discover the best way to do it.

1. Find Suitable Candidates for Leadership

Your first step is to select the best candidates for corporate leadership training. The most important factor here is the employee's drive to fill a managerial role. Natural aptitude is important, but it's nowhere near as important as a desire to learn how to lead.

Corporate leadership training programs teach employees how to manage time on a project, how to manage conflicts between employees, and how to listen to feedback from the team. All of these skills are eminently teachable to someone who has the desire to learn—you don't need to find an employee who already knows how to be a manager. The best way to find suitable candidates is to ask employees about their career goals. If they want to advance into a managerial position, consider enrolling them in a corporate leadership training program. 

2. Compare Leadership Training Programs

Once you've found your leadership candidates among your employee pool, you'll need to find a suitable corporate leadership training program to enroll them in. Selecting one that's aimed towards startups isn't necessary.

Leadership training programs vary in how they're structured, but many are online and modularized. A modular approach is best since it allows you to hone in on areas where your managers are lacking leadership skills. The most important thing you should look for, however, is one-on-one coaching along with role-playing situations. For example, the coach or facilitator should create scenarios about employee conflict or looming deadlines that your managers have to devise a solution for. This form of coaching will almost always give better results than simply watching seminars about leadership since it allows a corporate leadership expert to give detailed feedback about how the situation could have been handled.

3. Consider a Focused Training Course

Focused training is where a modular approach to corporate leadership training is beneficial. For example, you may have a manager that continually misses deadlines and has trouble with time management. With a modular training approach, you're able to hone in on project time management skills, giving them the training that they need to set a timetable and ensure that every employee sticks to it without being overwhelmed.

Overall, corporate leadership training programs provide employees with the skills that they need to succeed in managerial roles, regardless of their prior leadership skills. When your startup needs to add managerial roles to keep its workflow smooth, find a corporate leadership training program for interested employees and develop them into star leaders for your teams. Look online to find a corporate leadership training program that would work with your business.