Tips for Moving Your Upright Piano

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Tips for Moving Your Upright Piano

30 November 2020
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Are you moving to a new home, but have an upright piano that has to go with you? If so, it will help to know some tips to get this large item to your new home.

Placing The Piano On The Dolly

The one tool you'll want to have on hand is piano dolly, which is going to help maneuver the piano across flat surfaces. However, there are some tips for getting the piano on the dolly. You never want to lift the piano by gripping onto the legs, which can cause the legs to become damaged or snapped off. You want to squat and grab the piano from underneath the main body, lift the piano up with your legs, and then place it gently on the piano dolly. 

Using Moving Pads For Protection

Make sure to place moving pads over the piano before you start moving it. There can be a lot of force behind the piano as it gets going, and it's easy for the piano to crash against a wall or corner if you're not careful. The moving pads will help cushion and impact that happens during the moving process. 

Going Over Thresholds

You'll eventually get to a threshold that will seem quite difficult to get the piano over. The trick is to use gravity to help you. The person in the front that is moving over the threshold first should lift the piano up on their end, while the other person pushes the piano forward. This should take enough weight off the piano dolly to get the first set of wheels over the threshold. 

The opposite should be done to get the rear wheels over the threshold. Have the person in the front pull the piano while the person in the back lifts their end to lighten the load on the rear wheels.

Going Up And Down Ramps

Another tool you'll want to have on hand is a ramp so that you can easily guide the piano down stairs or into a moving truck. When going up a ramp, the person in the front should be guiding the piano to ensure that it stays on the ramp. The person on the back should be the person using their force to push it up the ramp. When going down a ramp, the person in front should be preventing the piano from moving down the ramp too quickly, while the person in the back is guiding the piano on the ramp so it stays on. 

If you are worried about moving your piano to your new home, contact piano movers near you to take care of it.