When Bulk Diesel Delivery Could Be A Benefit To Your Company

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When Bulk Diesel Delivery Could Be A Benefit To Your Company

29 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

There are many industries that can benefit from ordering diesel fuel in bulk, but you may not have considered how it can benefit your business. Depending on how you use it, diesel fuel delivery may be the best way to get the fuel you need for your equipment or machinery. 

Direct Filling Equipment

One principal reason to choose diesel fuel delivery is to provide fuel to equipment that is too large to drive to a local station and fill them up or equipment that is in use on a remote worksite and needs to be fueled regularly. It is not uncommon for the diesel fuel company to bring a tanker to the site and fuel all the equipment every few days. 

Most heavy equipment can run for a couple of days on a fill-up, but the delivery will likely need to happen every two to three days if there is no place to store the fuel on-site. The trick is scheduling the diesel fuel delivery to arrive before you need to shut down equipment because of low fuel levels. 

Coordinating the delivery with the need is critical, but most large diesel fuel delivery services can work with you to ensure they get to the site on time and before your equipment is empty. If the diesel is late, you stand the chance of losing work time, and that can result in cost overruns and missed deadlines, so make sure the delivery company you are using can make the schedule for your fill-ups. 

Storage Tanks

One way to ensure that you will not run out of fuel on the site is to have a storage tank that can hold enough fuel for a week or more of diesel fuel. The diesel fuel delivery company can fill the tank weekly for you or whatever schedule you work out, and then the operators can fill the fuel tanks on their equipment as needed. 

Some rules apply to storing fuel, so check with your local municipality to see what you need to do to have a diesel tank on your work site. Sometimes a temporary tank will be acceptable when a permanent one might not be, so check before you decide to put a tank down on the site, and talk to the diesel fuel delivery service to see if they can provide a tank for the time frame that you need on your job site. 

If the site is going to need diesel fuel on-site when the job is finished, it may be worth taking the time to put the fuel tanks in early in the job so that you can use them, then leave them in place once the job is complete.