Tips When Relying On A Reusable Face Shield At Work

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Tips When Relying On A Reusable Face Shield At Work

28 January 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are required to wear some sort of face shield at work — as to maintain strict sanitation practices — then it is very important you use it correctly. If you are using reusable face shields, these tips will prove very important.

Verify Reusable Design

So that you don't compromise yourself in certain work situations, you want to verify that your face shield truly is reusable. Then you'll know exactly what to do after using it for the first time around a work setting that is vulnerable to bacteria or viruses.

Most reusable face shields are much more durable, and you'll feel this durable design by physically touching the materials. You also should be able to tell if the shield is reusable by reviewing the manual that came with your face shield. Once you verify this design, you can use the face shield multiple times in an effective manner.

Select the Right Type of Elastic Band

To keep a reusable face shield on the entire workday, elastic bands are necessary. You want to be particular about the type of elastic band your face shield comes with though because it impacts comfort, shield effectiveness, and even cleanliness.

A stretchy band is a good start because it makes it easier to get a comfortable fit with the face shield. You also want it to have a breathable design. That will keep the band cool and prevent odors from developing, even if you start to sweat. 

Deal With Visibility Issues Quickly

While moving around with a reusable face shield, it may fog up or get debris on it that impacts your visibility. That's not good from a safety standpoint, so as soon as you realize your visibility is hindered in any way, respond as quickly as you can.

With the appropriate gloves on and a cleaning solution, wipe away the particles causing your vision issues. If it's fog, then you may need to get a reusable face shield that is better-protected from this visibility impairment. There are actually a lot of face shields that have anti-fog technology for added convenience when working with a face shield on.

Wearing a face shield at work may take some getting used to, but if you prepare in advance and ensure it has the right elements for your own personal safety and comfort, you'll get more out of this face shield in your work environment during the day.