Five Tips For Designing A Giveaway Calendar For Your Business

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Five Tips For Designing A Giveaway Calendar For Your Business

23 February 2021
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A custom imprinted wall calendar can be an important marketing tool. It will essentially provide free advertising for 12 months if you design it properly.

1. Pick Displayable Art

The art is the most important part of any calendar because people won't use your free calendar if they don't like how it looks in their home or office. If you want to feature your products in the art, make sure they are part of an attractive spread. For example, if you sell heavy machinery, show the machinery against inspiring local landscapes. Avoid images that look like they came out of a boring sales catalog.

2. Brand Every Page

Every page needs to have your company name clearly printed on it. A popular way to do this is as a banner along the top or bottom of the actual calendar spread page. This way it doesn't interfere with the art. If you do place it on the art, choose a smaller logo in one of the top corners to represent your brand. It will be visible but not so overwhelming that the customer won't want to hang it up in their kitchen.

3. Include Important Consumer Dates

Don't just customize the art; customize the calendar layout itself as well. Schedule your big seasonal sales dates in advance and place them boldly on the calendar so your customers are aware of the best time to shop. If you receive new product lines or seasonal items on a set schedule, include these dates as well. Further, include information and dates on any local events your company attends or donates to, such as game dates for a local sports team you sponsor or the dates you will have representatives at the county fair.

4. Add In Some Special Deals

Include a few coupons or discounts in the pages of the calendar to encourage regular business from potential customers. A monthly percentage off or BOGO deal will keep them coming back month after month. Coupons should fit the season or the events of the month, so you may have deals on spring items in April or back-to-school items in September, depending on your service or product line.

5. Make It Useful

Finally, don't let form compromise function. People use your free calendar because they like the design and because it serves a useful purpose in their home. Choose a regular size wall calendar layout that has plenty of room in the squares for writing in appointments and making dates. Artsy calendars that have no space for writing are not useful for most people.

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