How Does It Work To Get Same Day Dentures?

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How Does It Work To Get Same Day Dentures?

8 June 2021
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Have you heard about same day dentures? Do you feel like the speed of the process is motivating you to finally fix your missing teeth? Here is what is involved in the process of getting same day dentures made.


Everything will start with a consultation, which involves visiting a dentist to have them look at your teeth. The goal is to tell if you are going to be a good candidate for dentures, and get an idea of the scope of dental work that needs to be performed. For example, how many existing teeth will need to be pulled. If the dentist feels like having dentures will be possible, you'll be scheduled to return for a second day to have the procedure done. 


You will end up having your remaining teeth extracted on the day you return to the dentist for a morning appointment. This will be the very first thing that they will do, and the length of the procedure will depend on how many teeth are remaining that need to be extracted. 


The dentist will then take an impression of your mouth and create a mold. You will bite down on this special material, which will tell the dentist the exact shape and size of your gums. This mold is then used for creating the dentures, since the dentist can create the plates that go over the top and bottom jawbone that hold the artificial teeth in place, and then place the artificial teeth in the correct spots.


You'll be able to see the dentures in person before the dentist finishes them. You will give your approval that everything looks perfect, which includes the shape, size, and color of the teeth. If it looks good to you, the dentist will then have you place a temporary denture in your mouth so that they can get a good idea about how it fits. They are going to check the bite and look for your comfort while wearing them. While it may seem a bit weird to tell if they are comfortable without wearing them for too long, your dentist knows what trouble areas to look for and will ask you plenty of questions. 


Now that the dentist knows the denture plates fit comfortably and you are happy with the look, they'll start the process of finalizing the dentures. It will take several hours for the materials to set, so you'll need to return at the end of the day to pick up your finished same day dentures. 

For more information about same day dentures, contact a dentist in your area.