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In our casual culture, dressing to impress and trying your best to look formal is becoming somewhat of a dying art. This is a shame because professional attire is one of the best ways to show that you take your work seriously. My name is Jayme Lynn and I just love clothes. The clothes that I love the most are those that are elegant and that show that you have a lot of respect for yourself and the company that you work for. But my blog will not only talk about corporate attire, but the many other ways that business professionals can impress clients and partners alike.


Is An Outpatient Drug Rehab Program Right For You?

23 April 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're like many people who find themselves struggling with substance issues, you're nonetheless expected to hold down a job and juggle several adult responsibilities — and this can throw serious obstacles in the way of participation in inpatient rehab programs. After all, if you're taking care of a family, putting food on the table, and paying the bills, it may create extreme disruption for you as well as your loved ones to put your life on hold. Read More …