Fire Door Inspection And Repair: Why It's Important To Keep This Door In Great Condition

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Fire Door Inspection And Repair: Why It's Important To Keep This Door In Great Condition

16 January 2023
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The fire door is one of the most critical doors throughout your commercial property. It will come in handy in the event of a fire or other emergency, where dozens of people may need to make a swift exit to save their lives. So, what do you do when the fire door isn't working as it should? First, you call professionals who can inspect a fire door and then complete the repair, getting it back into working order in no time.

The Fire Door Inspection: Why Is It Important?

The professionals thoroughly examine all fire door components during a fire door inspection. These components include the frame and lining, closer, locks, smoke seals, handles, and more. The goal is to test these different parts of the door, checking for potential signs of damage that could result in the door not opening, closing, or locking as it should. For example, if there is damage to the lining, the door may not close all the way, which can quickly become a security issue. Likewise, if the lock to the fire door is jammed, it would likely need to be replaced, with professionals removing the old, faulty lock and replacing it with something more reliable. Before starting any necessary repairs, professionals will inform you of their findings, ensuring you know what's wrong with the fire door and what they plan to do to fix it.

Fire Door Repairs: Fixing Damage to Get Your Fire Door in Excellent Working Condition

The repair process always begins with a detailed inspection, where professionals will typically take photos of the parts of the door that need to be fixed, enabling you to get a visual idea of why your fire door wasn't working as it should. The next step involves working on repairs, which may include tightening components, replacing damaged door parts, or installing new pieces, including locks, door handles, and hinges that may be cracked or broken beyond repair. In some cases, the professionals may need to order particular parts for your door but will discuss that with you beforehand.

It's vital to have a working fire door in your commercial property at all times because you don't know when you and others in the building will need to use it during an emergency. If your fire door isn't locking, opening, or even closing like it should, hire professionals to inspect and repair it. Whether a simple fix or something more extensive, fire door repair specialists can solve the problem for you. For more information on fire door repair, contact a company near you.