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Make The Right Impression At Work

In our casual culture, dressing to impress and trying your best to look formal is becoming somewhat of a dying art. This is a shame because professional attire is one of the best ways to show that you take your work seriously. My name is Jayme Lynn and I just love clothes. The clothes that I love the most are those that are elegant and that show that you have a lot of respect for yourself and the company that you work for. But my blog will not only talk about corporate attire, but the many other ways that business professionals can impress clients and partners alike.


Window Film Can Help With Your Business

23 April 2021
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If you don't have window film on the windows of your business yet, you don't want to put it off much longer. The longer you go without window film, the more uncomfortable the business will remain and the more costly some of your ongoing bills can be. Here are some things you need to know about window film as a business owner:  Window film helps insulate the business One of the things window film does is help to insulate the business. Read More …

Features That Can Help You Use A UV-C Light Sanitizing Pen

24 March 2021
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If you're worried about being surrounded by germs, whether it's because you have an auto-immune disease or you just don't want to take the chance of getting sick, then disinfectant products are a great investment. One in particular that can really help is a UV-C sanitizing pen. You'll enjoy using this special pen regularly when you go after the following features. Particular Hand Support You can find UV-C sanitizing pens in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Read More …

Five Tips For Designing A Giveaway Calendar For Your Business

23 February 2021
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A custom imprinted wall calendar can be an important marketing tool. It will essentially provide free advertising for 12 months if you design it properly. 1. Pick Displayable Art The art is the most important part of any calendar because people won't use your free calendar if they don't like how it looks in their home or office. If you want to feature your products in the art, make sure they are part of an attractive spread. Read More …

Tips When Relying On A Reusable Face Shield At Work

28 January 2021
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If you are required to wear some sort of face shield at work — as to maintain strict sanitation practices — then it is very important you use it correctly. If you are using reusable face shields, these tips will prove very important. Verify Reusable Design So that you don't compromise yourself in certain work situations, you want to verify that your face shield truly is reusable. Then you'll know exactly what to do after using it for the first time around a work setting that is vulnerable to bacteria or viruses. Read More …

When Bulk Diesel Delivery Could Be A Benefit To Your Company

29 December 2020
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There are many industries that can benefit from ordering diesel fuel in bulk, but you may not have considered how it can benefit your business. Depending on how you use it, diesel fuel delivery may be the best way to get the fuel you need for your equipment or machinery.  Direct Filling Equipment One principal reason to choose diesel fuel delivery is to provide fuel to equipment that is too large to drive to a local station and fill them up or equipment that is in use on a remote worksite and needs to be fueled regularly. Read More …