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In our casual culture, dressing to impress and trying your best to look formal is becoming somewhat of a dying art. This is a shame because professional attire is one of the best ways to show that you take your work seriously. My name is Jayme Lynn and I just love clothes. The clothes that I love the most are those that are elegant and that show that you have a lot of respect for yourself and the company that you work for. But my blog will not only talk about corporate attire, but the many other ways that business professionals can impress clients and partners alike.


4 Tips For Using Quantum Healing Services Online

28 March 2019
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You might have read up about quantum healing and how it can help you with dealing with past memories and improving your life. You might have decided that you want to try it, but there might not be any local options for you. Even if there are, you might prefer the idea of undergoing quantum healing services online from the comfort of your home instead of in person. If you're going to be using an online service, these tips will help guide you through the process. Read More …

3 Questions To Ask When Renting Equipment To Repair Your Office Building

7 December 2018
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Renting equipment to repair your office building should be pretty straight forward, but there are a few questions you should ask before signing your rental contracts. Here are three important questions that shouldn't be overlooked. Can the Equipment Be Used Overnight? It's important to think about the needs of your employees when repairing your office building. They likely won't be able to concentrate well when equipment is tearing the building apart in preparation for repairs. Read More …

Rap Rapport: How To Become A Hip Hop Jeweler

26 March 2018
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Being the favored jewelry provider of a particular population will mean starting from the ground up, but it will also give you a clear path to becoming successful. If you are a jewelry maker like those at Au Enterprises, you can become a cornerstone of a particular community. The hip-hop community is one that has a large jewelry following. Many rappers, producers, and their entourage often brag about the jewelry that they own. Read More …

How To Create Some Truly Special Moments For Your Wedding Day

14 February 2018
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Those special wedding moments are the ones that are unlike anything else in any wedding anywhere. To create some of those moments in your own wedding, you might be considering a lot of zany ideas, but the truth is that you do not have to think that far outside the box. The following suggestions will help you create those moments immemorial for your special day. Wedding Dance Classes From the German waltz to the Polish polka to the Latin-Tango, there are dozens of very special dances from around the world. Read More …

Home Buying In The Midwest: Extra Inspections Worth Paying For

4 December 2017
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When you buy a house, it's always wise to get an inspection to check for underlying problems. However, a simple home inspection can sometimes miss more specific things that can be wrong with a potential home. In the Midwest, many homes are older, and they have not been updated. There are some inspections that are definitely worth considering before you buy. 1. Lead Many basic home inspections might not include a lead test. Read More …